Sunday, 5 December 2010

Edna in 'Hammer Horror'

Here are some stills from a short stop-motion film I made in 2007-2008 as part of my A-level Art & Design. The animation wasn't great, as I was just starting out. However I am very proud in how it turned out, it was a fun project to work on and I learnt a great deal about puppet making, and the process of stop-motion animation doing it.

Edna, the character in the story is based on my Great Grand Mother Nain Penmon, who was very kind and colourful character, and would be rather obsessive about tiny details around the house, a trait which passed on down to my Grandfather, who is forever straightening the frames on his wall. These rather obsessively compulsive characteristics of my family became the inspiration for the story.

 ‘An old maid called Edna, lives on in the derelict house of her masters who have long passed away, leaving her alone to carry on her duties of maintaining the household. One of these chores is ensuring that the frames on the wall remain straight, in her effort to secure one of the frames; she accidentally knocks them all at an angle. This leads to an obsessively compulsive episode in which Edna almost loses her nerve.’     

The Pigeon

This is a still from a short piece of animation I made in 2009 for my Art Foundation course. The project was based on a section of Patrick Suskinds Novel 'The Pigeon.' I have not posted the animation itslef, as I had no idea how to animate at the time, however I learnt a lot from making this project and it is a story I'd like to return to in the future if I can.

Sophisticated Swan