Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Busker (2011)

Here a short stop-motion film called 'The Busker,' made in collaboration with Becky Berry and Max Martin as part of the production studies module in our second year at Bristol School of Animation.

Synopsis:  'A penniless street musicians' life is transformed when he finds a bottle top with magical properties.'

The Production of the film was over a ten week period, which included 4 weeks Pre-production: script, storyboard and design. 3 weeks for puppet and set bulding and 3 weeks of animation and post production.
The Team: 


-Set design
-Lead Costume Design


-Lead animator
-Set Design
-Puppet Maker
-Sound Design


- Lead Puppet Maker
- Animator
- Storyboard Artist
- Writer

The Busker (2011) Stills

Busker Puppet Construction

The Busker Development

Busker Collages

These are some collages I made during the character design stage of 'The Busker.' The process used in making them involved cutting out photos and arranging them together in photoshop. I find the photocollage technique a useful way to think about a characters shape and colour, and often comes up with unexpected results.