Friday, 6 August 2010

MS Affect on Walking, Stop-motion Animation Action Analysis

Year 1 Action Analysis Open Breif at Bristol School of Animation:

This short piece of animation action analysis explores the affect MS (Multiple Scelrosis) has on my mothers ability to walk. She suffers from a type of MS that relapses, meaning that it does not gradually get worse overtime, but rather comes back and forth once in a while depending on the conditions.

The effect metaphorically speaking is rather like when a computer has to do too many things at the same time, causing a trafffic jam of messages that leads to the computer to slow down. This piece of animation demonstrates, the immediate physical affect MS can have on my Mother when walking.

This is a subject I would like to continue to work on in the future, and hopefully one day make a short film, which helps people understand the physical and physcological effects of MS on the both the sufferer and their families.

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