Friday, 25 November 2011

CRASH 2 Web Video: TRANMAN (2011)

From July to the end of October this year I’ve been working on a 40 second web animation called TRANMAN (2011), which tells the story of a bleeding car crash victim, whose life is saved by a timely injection.

The web video was commissioned by Dr. Ian Roberts of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine to promote the results of the international clinical trial CRASH-2. The trial, coordinated by Dr. Roberts, compared 20,000 trauma patients at hospitals in 40 countries. The results showed that a prompt injection of a low cost drug called Tranexamic Acid (TXA) could reduce death by haemorrhage by 30%. Low profit drugs, such as TXA, do not receive big advertising budgets; Dr. Roberts therefore hoped a web video would help spread the word amongst Doctors.

Posted on YouTube in November 2011, TRANMAN has gained considerable viewing figures across the different language versions (Chinese, English, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish). The enterprise also obtained significant press coverage, including articles in the New York Times, The Lancet and IMAGINE Animation Magazine. Altogether, the video transmission helped fuel fresh debate about the treatment, thus helping to influence an official marketing campaign from the manufacturer.

To find our more about the CRASH-2 Trial visit:

To view the press articles mentioned, follow this link:

TRANMAN (2011) Stills

New York Times Article!


IMAGINE Animation Magazine Article!

Making of TRANMAN (2011)

TRANMAN (2011) was made in stop-motion animation, using a clay puppet filmed using a homemade rostum. The clay puppet was flat, not unlike a gingerbread man, and was animated on a white light box, with the blood added later on the computer using Photoshop. 

Small silicon press moulds were used to make multiple copies of the different mouth shapes and replacements of the puppet.

TRANMAN Development

Final TRANMAN Animatic

Early TRANMAN Animatic

This is an early animatic of TRANMAN (2011). Despite large chunks of the character action in this version not making it trough to the final animatic. I'm still quite fond of the action where the car crash victim raises his arms in an attempt to stop the blood draining from his body, only for the remaining blood in his arms to slide into his stomach.