Thursday, 20 February 2014

"Shaun the Sheep" Work experience!

                                                                                               Aardman Animations
In January this year, I was lucky to gain two weeks work experience at Aardman on the new “Shaun the Sheep” Movie!

During my time there I worked together with the assistant animators to make mouth sets for Bitzer and the Farmer puppets. My main tasks included; press moulding and sculpting new adjustments to the design of the farmer mouths in plasticine. I was also able to observe other tasks undertaken by the assistant animators, including the shooting of this marvellous still above by Rita Sampaio!

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  1. I was at Aardman the same time as you, but I was doing work experience in the art department :) might have seen you. Hope you had a great time like I did ... Such a great place to work :)